About us

We are Isma 2000, a company committed to sustainability. We have been manufacturing recycled tissue paper for four decades, showing that it is possible to implement forms of production and deliver products to the market that are good for people and also good for the environment.

Sustainability is a common factor across all of our productive processes. Not only do we use recycled raw materials, but we also optimise the use of all resources involved in production, such as energy and water. The commitment to innovation and research is the only way we can reach this objective and, at the same time, ensure maximum quality of our products.

Having been set up as a family company, here at Isma 2000 our actions are built on foundations of transparency, honesty and teamwork combined with a global outlook. We are convinced that big changes can come from small gestures.

Isma 2000 is much more than a recycling company. It’s a company that is well aligned with your ideals.

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