Below, we respond to all your queries about how we recycle paper, the characteristics of our products and how we achieve them.

We say that our paper is from the Urban Forest, because it’s paper that has been used, that is to say, recycled paper. At Ismax we don’t cut down even a single tree when making our paper, because we’re committed to the planet. What we do is collect recycled paper at disposal points and prepare them for a second life. Discover our paper-making process here, from start to finish.

Yes, we have various certificates that have been awarded to us after checking that our products are 100% recycled. Click here to access all our available certifications. In 2017, we also won the CEPYME/ENDESA award for being a sustainable and energy efficient business. Caring for the planet is our priority.

You can find them in more than 800 walk-in and online stores all over Spain. Here is a list of some of these stores where you can find Ismax products.

Plastic, no! All our recycled paper products are also packaged in paper.

At Ismax, we always consider your needs, which is why we adjust to the grammage you want, from 16.5 g/m2 to 43 g/m2. Besides, we can also adjust the width, the number of plies, or the colour. If you’d like more information on our coils, feel free to contact us through this form. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

We can offer you products such as toilet paper, hand paper towels, paper serviettes and stretcher paper. These are all products made with recycled tissue paper. To view our complete product range or to consult us, click here.

You can contact us through this form and we’ll explain all the details to you. We hope this will be the start of a great journey together!