Our proposition is to care for the environment and build, and contribute to, sustainable development based on the constant innovation we apply the entire production process of ISMA 2000, from the recovery of raw materials to the final product. This commitment is the fundamental pillar of who we are and what we do, and we know it’s the same for so many people keen to be more conscientious consumers. Our experience in the recycling sector has given us a clear vision of how important it is to care for the environment and to have the tools necessary to make our own contribution to sustainable development.

The integrity with which we apply our principles of sustainability and circularity guarantees our commitment to society and the environment and is reflected in our customers’ trust in our quality organic products.


To provide consumers with a high-quality product that allows them to shop in accordance with their ideals, caring for the environment and fostering sustainable development.


To be one of the leading companies in Spain in terms of shifting the production, marketing and consumption of paper to a new paradigm that is more sustainable and more respectful of the environment.

We are:


We have created a company committed to caring for the environment, thinking about future generations.


Basing ourselves on research, we seek to be at the cutting edge to make our processes more efficient and our products more innovative.


We trust the quality, resistance and softness of our products. That's why we put them to the test and guarantee their quality with recognised certifications.


We propose a different way of producing and consuming, offering a unique solution in the market that is reflected in our final products.


We act in a manner that is coherent with our values and we seek to reflect it day to day in the company because we believe in our customers’ trust and that of all stakeholders we engage with.

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