An eco-friendly family, naturally adorable

Ismax eco-friendly paper products are a family without equal. Very soft but very absorbent too. We are what we are: beige in colour with no whitening. No trees or chemicals are used to manufacture us. We’re 100% recycled Being eco-friendly, natural, tranquil, soft and honest runs in the family.

Who wouldn’t want us in their home?

Good for you. Good for the planet. Splash! Splash!

Any queries about this adorable eco-friendly paper family? We respond to your queries here

There are those who believe that recycled paper is less soft and rougher on the skin. Is that true?

No way! Ismax toilet paper, as well as being sustainable and respecting the environment, is also easy on your skin. We care about our environment, and we care about you.

Does recycled paper absorb well?

The answer’s yes. Ismax recycled paper, with its 100% natural fibres and great body, is the best for absorbing. Naturally.

How come Ismax recycled paper is brown?

Because it conserves the natural colour of the raw material from the “Urban Forest”. . . with no whitening.
It is what it is: natural and eco-friendly!
That’s what’s important!

Why do Ismax rolls last longer?

We’ll let you in on the secret. Ismax has finer taping at the edges of the sheets, which allows less air between the plies for a more compact roll, and ultimately more paper for the same volume. More sustainable, more paper and less waste!

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