The name’s Max, Ismax.

HI, I’m Ismax, a 100% and very authentic organic paper.

I’ve an infinite number of lives, but I was created for the first time in Mallorca 40 years ago. I come from the city because I’ve been manufactured with paper from the Urban Forest. I love nature and that’s why I haven’t damage a single tree to get here.

I’m an organic paper with many forms: toilet paper, facial tissues, serviettes and kitchen rolls, but I’m always the same. What’s more, as well as being biodegradable I’m pleasant to the touch and to the planet. I have no complexes and nothing to hide because I don’t use whitening or chemicals. I love saving energy and water. I’m sure we have a lot in common. So, see you at your place?

Where to buy Ismax toilet roll

You can find me at all the major stores in Spain:

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