Supplies for hotels, hospitals, airports, industries and mass catering… these are some of the products we offer within our professional range. They are all manufactured from recycled tissue paper to cover the needs of companies and professionals that are just as committed to the environment as we are.

Recycled tissue range:

  • Recycled tissue paper for large consumers: 1 or 2-ply
  • Paper hand towels and industrial size coils: 1 or 2-ply, coil or self-cutting
  • Supplies for hospitality: Serviettes, 1 or 2-ply, different sizes
  • Stretcher paper: 1 or 2-ply

* All products can be 1, 2 or 3 layers

If you want more information on our supplies for hospitality, hospitals and airports or to access our products, please contact us.

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